Ellis Jaz’s new lingerie collection is inspired by the rare book ‘Lesbian Caners’

There is a new generation of fashion emerging, that is all about embracing inclusivity and rejecting the so-called norms of the past.

Ellis Jaz is making her mark among the new generation of fashion creatives, intent on rethinking the role fashion has in society, and challenging social structures that serve to confine it.

Jaz’s latest collection, I Love You, Lesbian Caners was inspired by a late-night trip to Ram Books in London, where she came across a rare copy of ‘Lesbian Caners’.

ellis jaz new collection caners inspired
Credit: Ellis Jaz

“I fell completely in love with it. It has no information in it about the photographer or the women in the photos, and the text is this very heterosexual erotic scenario, but positioned alongside these gorgeous photos.”

lesbian caner rare book
Credit: the Model Traitor

This extremely rare book was published by Ben’s Books of London circa late 60/70s is said to be an ideal reference for the strict followers of Sappho, who was an Archaic Greek poet from Eresos or Mytilene on the island of Lesbos. Sappho is known for her lyrical poetry.


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Discussing her latest collection with Dazed: “The pieces take on the shape of your body, rather than restricting it,” says Jaz. “I’m inspired continuously by women who find their own unique ways of expressing their sexuality entirely on their own terms. As a queer woman, the designs emerge from an adoration for the female body: a conversation between women that challenges and embraces the power of the feminine erotic.” 

Jaz’s collection has been captured in a new photo series by fetish photographer Anna Sampson. Check out  Ellis Jaz’s SS23 collection here