Meet the man asking Elon Musk for permission to make a SpaceX video game every single day

Tenacity is everything. Nowhere is this mission statement proven better than this game dev, who tweeted at Elon Musk every day for 154 days.

Lyubomir Vladimirov is the developer behind Mars is Flat, an upcoming “highly technical Mars survival simulator” which leans heavily on Elon Musk’s intellectual property.

In-game, SpaceX is the company tasked with colonising Mars and the Cybertruck is popped front and centre as the best device for traversing the Martian landscape.

Mars Is Flat Elon Musk video game SpaceX
Image: Mars Is Flat

Getting anyone to sign off on the use of their copyright is a bona fide nightmare – we’ve seen time and time again how much of a tricky subject it can be. Deciding to go directly to the source in the hope of avoiding the legal quagmire that copyright negotiations often are, your boy Lyubomir tweeted directly at Elon Musk.

And since his mother didn’t raise no quitter, he promised to post that same tweet every day for a year until he heard back. Last week, the man finally got a response:

It eventually worked, with Elon giving the reply: “You can steal our name/logos & we probably won’t sue you.”

While “probably won’t sue” isn’t the firm yes that Lyubomir was seeking, it’s been enough of a positive response for him to go hard and hope for the best. Proving to everyone worldwide that the best way to get what you want is to politely request it, each and every day, until you get what you’re looking for.

And hey, it’s still not the wildest thing Elon tweeted this week.