A dog and goat elected as mayor have raised money for a local playground

Just when you thought America couldn’t get any weirder, a dog and a goat serving as the mayor have raised enough money for a local playground.

Although the USA has had its fair share of ‘questionable‘ leaders, the small town of Fair Haven, Vermont has officially outdone itself by electing a dog and goat as mayor.

It’s not actually as it seems, however. The town proposed the idea of pet mayor elections back in 2018 to get more kids involved in community events and to help raise money for a playground.

Dog Mayor
Photo: Lisa Rathke

Devised by local town manager Joe Gunter, Lincoln the goat has raised nearly $10,000 since 2018, whilst current mayor Murfee, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, has helped raise $20,000. Speaking to local newspaper The Rutland Herald, Gunter did reveal that the town chipped in a further $20,000 to make their playground dreams a reality.

Murfee’s owner, Linda Barker, was under the impression that it would be easy to raise money with her pup. That was until the pandemic struck and Barker had to change a few things, opting for face masks instead.

Barker has currently made nearly 1000 masks and is planning to release another round by Valentine’s Day. She has already raised $5,000 from her masks and has nearly matched that with sales from basket raffles.

However, despite the massive achievement, Murfee won’t even be allowed in the playground once the rehabilitation is complete due to the park’s “no dogs allowed” rule.

“He’s going to contest that. Murfee is going to take that up with the town,” Barker joked to the Rutland Herald.

See what happens America when you elect the GOAT as your leader and you go barking up the right tree?