Emily Ratajkowski slammed for bathtub pic with son, Irina Shayk defends her

Emily Ratajkowski slammed for bathtub pic with son, Irina Shayk defends her

Emily Ratajkowski receives backlash for Instagram bathtub pic with her son. Irina Shayk jumps to her defence, telling a hater to “fuck off.”

Emily Ratajkowski shared pictures of herself in bathtub with her one-year-old son, Sylvester on Saturday (September 24). Both appear to be nude. However, her son’s bare backside is censored with a drawing of a love heart. Shortly after posting these images to her Instagram account, @emrata, the model and business founder received a tonne of backlash.

A flurry of disappointed comments were left beneath the carousel of pics: “Since when is it normal to put intimate naked pictures of children on the internet. Creeps don’t need darknet anymore nowadays,” wrote one user.

Credit: Instagram @emrata

Another person added, “This is so weird. Ok if u wanna take a shower with ur son cute but to pose naked with him and post it. So so weird.”

Stepping in to defend Emily Ratajkowski was Russian model, Irina Shayk, who stated the following in response to a disapproving commentator: “@mary_kostapolos why don’t you fk off with ya bellow average personality.”


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The comment Shayk was responding to had beed critical of Ratajkowski’s physical appearance, declaring the model’s face was “below average,” and urging her to have more respect for her child’s “decency.”

According to reports, Emily Ratajkowski has not yet responded to the backlash she’s been receiving over the weekend due to this post, but we will be keeping our eyes peeled for updates.