PREMIERE: Enerate tease their new album, due to be released as an app

PREMIERE: Sydney’s Enerate tease their new album Good Times Airlines, an interactive app

Sydney based act Enerate have given us a real treat with the teaser clip for their upcoming album Good Times Airlines. Due to be released on November 16th at 9am, the album is to be released in the form of an app.

A move unlike any we have heard of here in Australia and likely the world, the movement from physical sales to digital and now to app technology is truly astounding.

Of the project singer and producer Josh Graham has said ‘Art is becoming more multidisciplinary, and music is becoming more visual. The album is as much video as it is music. This is not a marketing tool for the album… this is the album.”

“We wanted to make a physical release, that you can touch, feel, effect… that was multi-sensory and completely digital.”

The record is fully interactive and allows the audience to directly take part in a series of music videos accompanying the band’s music. You can move between shots, move with characters and engage in the action. It’s a real step forward in connecting with your fans, and one which utilises technology available to everyone.

And the sounds that Enerate creates speaks to this ethos as well, drenched in futuristic pop notes and synth landscapes. To have an interactive app in their quiver of artistic pursuits just adds to their image as a sonically and technologically forward thinking band. 

In addition to all of this, MTV Australia are hosting their launch party on the 16th. Surely the first of many to come, Enerate have proven that the digitalisation of album releases in this way is an option for records in the future. The possibilities seem endless.