Even if it’s sold out, climb the fence. 5 gigs to see this weekend

As we head into the warm, welcome embrace of Spring staying shut up in the house wrapped in a snuggie can no longer be considered acceptable. So get, get out, and go see a bloody gig. Supporting choice local music is our duty as true, blue blooded Aussies.

Ivan Ooze Brighton up bar

Ready to stretch those legs and sing along to some great Aussie tunes? Then check out these 5 great gigs this weekend for the best live music.

Ivan Ooze – Friday October 16, Brighton Up Bar, Sydney

Ivan Ooze, we’ve said it once and really once is enough. This boy is insanely talented. There is nothing like seeing a guy freestyle while dressed as a taco.

Magic America – Friday October 16, Lazy Bones, Sydney

Psych rockers Magic America have been tearing it up as they’ve travelled up and down the east coast in support of their recently released debut EP. It’s a cracker of a record, and this weekend is your last chance to catch the boys live.

Tiny Little Houses – Friday October 16, Shebeen, Melbourne

This little Melbourne band have been on the up and up since day dot, and this year has seen them move forward in leaps and bounds. They’re debut EP You Tore Out My Heart is outstanding to say the least, they make sad music a joyful experience.

The Paper Kites – Friday October 16, Amplifier Bar, Perth

When a band dedicates themselves to writing music between midnight and four in the morning for the sake of maximising creativity you know they’re the real deal. Or insane. Well, sometimes that turns out to be a good thing anyway. Regardless it must have worked because The Paper Kites put out a stunning sophomore album Twelvefour, one that needs to be heard live.

Papa Pilko and the Binrats – Saturday, October 17, Sol Bar, Maroochydore

Manic, demonic, deranged, and very, very sexy. It’s a hodgepodge way to describe them but that’s the effect of Papa Pilko and the Binrats. Their music is dark and drawling yet is executed with charming swagger.

For more gigs, check out our gig guide for what’s coming up in your city this week.