Ezra Koenig has gone on record to state that rock music is dead

Ezra Koenig has gone on record to state that he believes rock music is dead and guitar bands have become irrelevant.

Koenig stands as the frontman for New York City indie band, Vampire Weekend. The band’s music could be classified as “indie rock”, which I guess is dead too.

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Photo: Brooke Tunbridge

According to The Guardian, Koenig has expressed that rock music is dead and it has been replaced with “rap, alt-R&B and deconstructed club music.”

In a recent interview prior to the band’s performance at Glastonbury last weekend, Koenig spoke to The Guardian to discuss a number of topics surrounding Vampire Weekend. The interview concluded with Koenig pointing out the fickle nature of the music industry.

For a lot of people participating in music then, that was a stressful time, an existential crisis,” Koenig explained. “But a few years later, the vibe was not so much this big existential question, because to me there’d been an answer.

“Is rock dead? Yes. Are guitar bands relevant? Not particularly. And I enjoyed the straightforwardness of that.”

For the record, Glastonbury also billed Tame Impala, Interpol, The Killers, The Cure, Christine & The Queens, Two Door Cinema Club, Cat Power, and a fair few other guitar bands in some of their top spots.

Watch Vampire Weekend at Glastonbury here: