Fall Out Boy send cryptic message to BMTH vocalist Oli Sykes

From sending postcards to fans, to sending an actual seashell to Oli Sykes, to releasing a sound bite, Fall Out Boy has us in their clutches as they gear up for album number eight.

There are few bands more mischievous or perplexing than Fall Out Boy when it comes to promoting – well teasing, like, let’s be real for a hot second – their music. If you thought us fans were the only ones being sent on wild goose chases by the band then you are mistaken, as not even Bring Me The Horizon’s vocalist Oli Sykes is safe from the Fall Out Boy’s cryptic clues.

Yep, you heard that right, they have taken their antics to the next level by sending Sykes an actual seashell. Appearing oblivious to their cryptic campaign, Sykes took to his instagram stories to post his reaction upon receiving the seashell. The story snapshot includes a picture of the shell labeled 1 of 13, as well as a letter that contains the date January 18th 2023 with the band members initials. The story was captioned with the words “WTF, what is this and why is [it] at my house”.

Credit: Oli Sykes/Instagram

This has left us with a plethora of questions. Is Sykes feigning ignorance? Is this a sneaky little way to let us know of a potential collaboration or feature? Also, who is going to receive the other 12 seashells? Are they going to indicate other potential features or collaborations? The band have really got us in a tizzy trying to unpack what all of these means.

However, this is not the only clue they have left us with this week. The Chicago Pop-punkers have at last confirmed a new single that will be dropping on 18th January via Twitter, titled Love From The Other Side. The tweet contains a short sound bite of the new track, and have promised that there is more to come soon.

With the whirlwind of a new track dropping next week and Oli Sykes receiving an actual seashell, I still have a few questions, but my main one being is Sykes actually oblivious to this stunt? Or is this all a part of Fall Out Boy’s master plan?