Fast Romantics

Right before the music starts in their new film clip for a track called Funeral Song, an elderly woman spits out “Who the fuck are Fast Romantics?”. I hear ya lady. I hear ya.

fast romantics

Fast Romantics are the five fingers building the hand that is Canadian indie-rock, merging toward the pop lane.

These guys initially formed way back in 2008, but have recently had an invasion of two Australian musicians join them to add  “those dreamy foreign-sounding accents”. Fair bloody dinkum. After some years of lurking around and soul searching, Fast Romantics released their brand spanker new record Afterlife Blues late last year.

The title track Afterlife Blues includes a tasty amount of tambourines and oooooo’s and ahhhhh’s that makes me picture myself doing the drunken mum two-step sway dance in the lounge room. With gin. Always choose gin for semi-emotional sways. Another great film clip backs this song up too, with a guy that turns a carrot into a carrot cake, something I wish every man could do. The rest of the album takes the same strong stride with more up-beat poppy rock and quite fun, unpretentious lyrics that will fool you into thinking you know the words to sing along.

More shows to come around Canada until mid-April. Check their website for details.