Feeling tremors? A powerful earthquake in Indonesia was felt in Darwin, BOM reports

Things have been a little shaky in Darwin (literally), following a 6.9 magnitude earthquake yesterday afternoon off the east coast of Indonesia, in the Banda Sea. Tremors from the earthquake were felt in the Northern Territory’s capital, which is just over 600 kilometres south of where the earthquake occurred.

Thankfully, BOM have confirmed that there is no tsunami threat to Australia.

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A powerful earthquake in the Banda Sea off the coast of Indonesia yesterday could be felt by residents in Darwin, according to BOM.

The earthquake occurred at 11:23 Central Standard Time (about 2 pm) yesterday afternoon, striking at a depth of 142 km, according to Geoscience Australia.

“Did anyone feel that earthquake?” BOM Northern Territory posted in the early hours of this morning:

A number of residents responded to the Tweet, confirming they had felt buildings swaying and glass doors rattling:

Indonesia is located in an area known as the “Ring of Fire” in the Pacific Basin which consists of a series of volcanoes, fault lines, and oceanic trenches in a horseshoe shape. For that reason, the country, which is made up of more than seventeen thousand islands, frequently experiences earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis.

Thankfully there are no reports of damage or injury in either Darwin or Indonesia.

Elsewhere in Australia, South Australia and Victoria are feeling some pretty brutal winds right now.