‘Final Space’ Season 3: here’s everything we know so far

Critically praised and universally loved space-opera Final Space has a new season around the corner. Here’s what we know about it.

If you thought Rick & Morty was the only adult-orientated, TV comedy-drama set in space, think again! Final Space is another unique concoction of chaotic brilliance, so its no surprise that the Adult Swim series has been renewed for a third season.

Whether you’re an avid fan or are hearing about Final Space for the first time, we’ll catch you up on the show, plus reveal all the known tidbits regarding the upcoming season.

Final Space
Adult Swim

A quick catch up

Created by Olan Rogers, Final Space premiered its first season back in February 2018. The highly-underrated show is now 23 episodes in, with a third season well on its way. The animated sci-fi comedy-drama, or ‘dramedy’, elaborately tells the story of astronaut Gary and his side-kick Mooncake (both voiced by Olan Rogers).

While serving a five-year prison sentence, Gary meets an alien who he names Mooncake. Naturally, they begin to indulge in some intergalactic adventures to save the galaxy. Classic sci-fi stuff, really. As for the villain? It’s a telekinetic creature known as Lord Commander, voiced by the one and only David Tennant. There are some other iconic names in the mix, such as Conan O’Brien and John DiMaggio (Bender from Futurama).

What makes Final Space so enjoyable is its versatility and scope. Expect some trusty toilet humour, but also expect detailed world-building, dark moments, and an incredible blend of 2D cartoons, 3D computer graphics, and real-life space images from NASA themselves.

Now, onto Season 3!

On December 18th, Adult Swim uploaded their very first look at Season 3 to YouTube. Clocking in at only 1:18 minutes, it doesn’t give much away but there are still a few nuggets in there. Take a look:

Over the utterly intense, crescendoed score, come the words: “Survival Is Everything”, in between action sequences and camaraderie. One of the highlights includes the crew flying their ship directly into an asteroid field – a cheeky nod to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. However, the most notable moment appears in the clip’s climax. We get a close-up of Lord Commander (David Tennant) manically laughing. “How I’ve missed this”, he gleefully announces, in a state that can only be described as pure evil.

What do we know for sure?

Season 3 is going to contain 13 episodes, just like the previous season. Seven of them are already named, such as the opener “… And Into The Fire”. Olan Rogers revealed this all via his Twitter, as well as releasing a snippet of the new score of NYD:

The recurring cast will include Keith David as Bolo, Vannessa Marshall as Invictus, John DiMaggio as The Arachnitechs, and, of course, Tennant as Lord Commander. As for the main cast? As far as we know, they’re all intact to return with their OG voice actors. Thank goodness. Season 3 is set to kick off within the final space and detail the team squad’s escape from the chaos. It’s literally going to be as exciting as hell.

When can we expect Season 3?

Sadly, the promotional teaser only says, “Coming Soon,” so we don’t know a specific date just yet. However, its release is expected to be around February or March this year. In the meantime, you can catch up on the first two seasons over at Netflix. See you there.

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