Transport yourself back to emocore with Finding Better Health new release

Why Didn’t You Appear // It Won’t Burn Forever immerses you into a world of nostalgic post-hardcore.

Hailing from the suburbs of Southwest Sydney is four-piece post-hardcore outfit Finding Better Health. Taking influence from shoegaze, the band incorporates elements of post-hardcore and post-rock, with the kind of immediacy that recalls the beginnings of emocore.

Having spent time paying their dues in various noise and hardcore bands in and throughout their youth, Finding Better Health came together in mid-2019, creating an outlet for emotions that are too hard to share, and exploring their gripping question of “when all you want to do is cry, isn’t it more fun to just dance?”.

Finding Better Health
Credit: Press

Amongst the chaos of the pandemic, Finding Better Health stood firm, releasing their debut single last year titled Single Serving Friend, which left many craving for more. Luckily for those of us left waiting, the band has delivered a powerful statement with their follow-up, with a release in the form of a double-sided single Why Didn’t You Appear // It Won’t Burn Forever.

Why Didn’t You Appear // It Won’t Burn Forever are a pair of tracks that immediately catapult you back into the 2009 era of emo, with their sound reminiscent of emo post-hardcore heavyweights Touché Amoré and La Dispute.

With swirling moody atmospheric sounds and heavily fuzzed-up guitars, with the low growl of vocals. Their melancholic lyrics soothe the aches left behind from the wake of the post-hardcore era circa 2009, with brutal screams that send you into a tailspin of emotions.

Finding Better Health
Credit: Press

With these tracks breathing new life into Sydney’s post-hardcore scene, Finding Better Health didn’t leave us empty-handed with just their compelling audio, but also added to their vision in the tangible form of a music video that features both tracks. With vibrant pops of colour splattered throughout the black-and-white scene of people running, it holds eye-catching imagery that quickly morphs into various shapes and images.

Vocalist Harry Belcher speaks about the track: “This project started as one long song, the bones of which had been floating around in our heads for at the very least half a decade. As a group of mixed-up, go-nowheres all throughout our life, the anxiety that came with experiencing and gaining all the things we had hoped for in our lives to this point (stability, fulfilment in relationships, money, friendship, etc), was almost too much to handle. When your lowest ebb is the status quo, any relief from the hurt feels temporary – it can all be ripped away in an instant.”

You can now stream Why Didn’t You Appear // It Won’t Burn via Spotify below.