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Fire Country, Uncanny Valley and more – Happy’s Weekend Reading

Victor Steffensen

On the list for this weekend is Fire Country: Victor Steffensen’s deep dive into Australia’s environmental challenges and potential solutions from an Indigenous perspective and Anna Wiener’s personal account of the tech gold rush is detailed in Uncanny Valley.

Fauna is a disturbing sci-fi tale set in the not-too-distant (and very possible) future, Low is a novel that touches on the extremes of soul-searching, and practical Scandi style parenting is explained in Parenthood the Swedish Way. Let’s check out the selection. Victor Steffensen

Fire Country, Uncanny Valley, Fauna, Low and Parenthood the Swedish Way are among the freshest new works of literature for this weekend.

Fire Country by Victor Steffensen

Indigenous land management expert, Victor Steffensen demonstrates a sophisticated cultural understanding of Australian land care and healing. It’s a sublimation of generations of teachings that can be beneficial to all inhabitants of this land. Via Hardie Grant. Fire Country

Uncanny Valley by Anna Wiener

In her mid-twenties and hitting a wall as an assistant at a New York publishing firm, Anna Wiener took the plunge at a tech startup in Silicon Valley. Before long, the shine wore off this male-dominated environment. A coming of age story that mirrors society’s relationship with a rapidly changing world. More at Harper Collins. Uncanny Valley

Fauna by Donna Mazza

In the vein of Black Mirror or Years and Years, Mazza’s near-future psychological thriller has the intersection of humans and technology at its core. A mother longing for another child agrees to an experimental process of DNA fusion. The impact that her new daughter has on her family’s life is seismic. Via Allen & Unwin.


Low by Jeet Thayil

Following the death of his wife, Dominic escapes to India in search of drug-induced oblivion. But through this heady trip toward self-destruction, he encounters characters along the way who have their own stories to tell. More details at Faber & Faber.  Low

Parenthood the Swedish Way by Cecilia Chrapkowska and Agnes Wold

Doctors Chrapkowska and Wold do much to dispell the common misconceptions around child-rearing by providing a commonsense, scientific approach. Even if you’re not involved in the parenting business, there’s much to be gleaned from a Swedish take on this crucial undertaking. More at ScribeParenthood the Swedish Way




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February 13, 2020