Study shows fit people are more likely to get on the beers

New research has concluded that fit people are more likely to be heavier drinkers than those who exercise less.

The study by the American College of Sports Medicine took on 38,653 participants to determine whether there was a correlation between cardiorespiratory fitness and alcohol consumption.

They found an astounding relationship between fitness and alcohol consumption but the reasons for which, are yet to be determined.

Fitness and Alcohol
Credit: Vyacheslav Dumchev

The participants visited a medical clinic in Texas between 1988 and 2019 to undergo an examination involving a fitness test on a treadmill and self-reporting their alcohol consumption habits.

To hit you with some statistics, moderately fit women were found to be 1.58 times more likely to be moderate to heavy drinkers compared to women with low fitness levels, and women with high fitness levels were found to be more than twice as likely than their low fitness counterparts, to consume moderate to high levels of alcohol.

For men, those with moderate and high fitness levels were determined to be 1.42 and 1.63 times more likely to consume moderate to high amounts of alcohol respectively, compared to the men with lower fitness levels.

Based on these results, researchers are looking into ways they can combine alcohol consumption interventions with fitness programs to minimise alcohol dependency.

We’re just picturing some sort of odd carrot on a stick situation with beers but I think we’ve got it the wrong way round.