Cry for Pinhead: Hellraiser’s iconic villain is being turned into an NFT

Hellraiser‘s Pinhead, specifically the model from Dead by Daylight, is being turned into an NFT. Leaving us to ponder what kind of fresh hell the world has turned into.

There’s something ironic about Hellraiser‘s Pinhead being captured as an NFT, considering that the spikily-faced Cenobite spent ages trapped in dangerous puzzle box. Surely the last thing old mate needs is to be placed in a new box, this time owned by a bunch of greedy cryptobros that have bought into some bullshit multi-level marketing scam.

That’s right you heard it here first: Pinhead, and indeed the whole cast of Clive Barker’s influential Hellraiser film, deserve better. The poor creature has already had every ounce of respect beaten out of them by Harvey Weinstein’s bloodsucking production company Miramax Films. Seriously, those sequels are a rough watch.

hellraiser nft
Image: Pinhead / Behaviour Interactive

Anyways, as I was saying, Boss Protocol, a company that “empowers brands to unlock the full potential of the blockchain”, has purchased the right to exclusively make NFTs of Hellraiser‘s Pinhead. But what exactly does that even mean?

Boss Protocol’s website talks a lot about ‘limited-edition physical collectibles‘, which is kind of like a snake oil salesmen packaging each of his fake medications with Panadol. The very notion of NFTs relies on the premise that things don’t need to be physical to have value, so to try and sell an NFT by packaging it with a physical product is almost self-defeating.

It should be noted, however, that the team behind Dead by Daylight appear to have had little to do with the deal. According to IGN, a tweet from developer Behaviour Interactive explained the situation as follows:

Recently there’s been some talk about NFTs, so we wanted to clear some things up…When we work with our licensing partners, we provide them with in-game models as well as Chapter keys. They are free to use these however they see fit as the rightful owners of these characters.

So while it’s a sad day for Hellraiser‘s Pinhead, at least it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing too many more NFTs in Dead by Daylight.