Flickertail’s new track Back Of My Mind is pure, unadulterated rock n’ roll

A refreshing flashback to the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll, Flickertail have embraced a by-gone era’s best features to deliver a thumping sound that we dearly missed.

On their new single Back Of My Mind, the four piece turn up the volume on their guitar-fuelled, energetic brand to deliver a truly memorable piece of fervent garage rock.

Raw and unadulterated: Flickertail’s latest offering Back Of My Mind is an eruption of straight-up rock n’ roll.

Based out of Sydney’s inner-west, the Irish-Australian group are made up of Liam Whelan on guitar and vocals, Jonny ‘Cliff’ Goldrick on guitar, Marcus Fraser on drums and backing vocals, and Matt O’Callaghan on bass.

Featuring some spectacularly soaring vocals and epic guitar solos, Back Of My Mind is a crunching example of Flickertail’s raw power and uncontainable riffage.

Since their 2012 inception, Flickertail have persistently turned heads all across the country with an insane touring schedule, as they take their attention-grabbing, no-nonsense sounds to anyone that’s smart enough to listen.

Having recently signed to Golden Robot Records, the band are set to release their next EP Hurry Up And Wait in March (right on time for St. Patrick’s Day), which will feature this impressive new track.

Speaking of Paddy, if you want to catch these rockers live and spill a few pints of Guinness on yourself while you’re at it, look no further than their EP launch on March 17th.

If that sounds a little too much for you, Flickertail are playing The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar in Melbourne on March 31st and The Old Bank in Dubbo on April 7th. Please note, we can’t promise these shows won’t also involve spilt Guinness.