Painting of My Time: Floodlights’ soaring evolution into post-punk and art rock

Floodlights’ highly anticipated album showcases their evolution from raw rock ‘n’ roll to post-punk and art rock.

Floodlights, the post-punk and art rock powerhouse hailing from Melbourne, have unveiled their highly anticipated second album, Painting of My Time.

The final song on the record, ‘Wide Open Land’, has dropped today and serves as a thrilling conclusion to the sonic journey, and like the band, it’s both uniquely Australian and universal in its appeal. Their sonic identity is a testament to their ability to innovate while remaining grounded in the traditions of rock and roll.


The LP boasts an impressive roster of tracks, including the band’s first single ‘Human‘, the follow-up ‘Lessons Learnt’, and the title track, which shares the same name as the album itself.

As an artist, evolution is not only inevitable but also essential, and Floodlights has embraced this truth wholeheartedly in their sophomore effort, “Painting of My Time.” What was once a raw, rock ‘n’ roll outfit has transformed into a post-punk and art rock powerhouse, unafraid to experiment with new sounds and instruments.

With “Moment of Distraction,” Floodlights lead with their most profound track, one that speaks to the band’s growth as individuals. The echoes of punk permeate throughout the song, creating a chamber of truth that’s both compelling and honest in its capacity.

On “Lessons Learnt,” Floodlights pick up the pace, carrying on the reflective energy established by the opener. The track showcases a true taste of Aussie alt-punk, complete with a backbone of distinct Aussie flavor and a pinch of Talking Heads themes. It’s a dynamic and exciting follow-up that demonstrates the band’s range and depth.


The band achieved some serious progression by layering an array of instruments, including trumpet, grand piano, violin, and synth. The result is a sound that is both dynamic and textured, with each instrument contributing to the overall sonic landscape in a meaningful way.

What’s particularly impressive about Floodlights’ evolution is how natural and seamless it feels. Rather than a dramatic departure from their earlier sound, the band has built on their foundations to create something entirely new. The layering of instruments is a key aspect of this, with each added element contributing to a sound that is simultaneously more complex and more cohesive.

The use of trumpet, grand piano, violin, and synth is particularly effective in creating a dynamic and textured sound. These instruments are employed in a way that complements the band’s raw, rock ‘n’ roll roots, while adding a new level of sophistication to the music. Floodlights have found a way to combine these seemingly disparate elements into a sound that is uniquely their own.

Floodlights’ growth is not just musical but also personal, with lyrics that touch on themes of self-exploration and the Australian landscape as a form of escapism.

Painting of My Time, reveals a level of emotional maturity that is a testament to the band’s growth as individuals. Written by Ashlee Kehoe and Louis Parsons, the words are honest, evocative, and rich in meaning.

They touch on themes of personal turbulence, self-exploration, and the Australian landscape as a means of escaping the complexities of modern life. The words are carefully crafted to reflect the feelings and experiences of the lyricists and demonstrate a sense of purpose and intentionality that is rare in contemporary music.

Indeed, Kehoe describes the process of writing as a “joy,” a sentiment that is evident in the way the lyrics are seamlessly integrated into the music. The lyrics mature into melodies that are capable of eliciting a range of emotions, from joy to sorrow, hope to despair. Each song is a fully-formed composition that reflects the complexities and contradictions of the human experience.

Through their lyrics, Floodlights are able to capture the essence of what it means to be alive in the modern world, with all its beauty, pain, and uncertainty.

A true testament to the power of words to evoke emotion and create meaning. They reveal a level of emotional depth and maturity that is rare in contemporary music, and are a key part of what makes Floodlights’ new album such a tour de force of post-punk and art rock.

Drummer Archie Shannon’s reflections on the evolution of the band’s sonic landscape provide a fascinating insight into the interplay of intentionality and spontaneity that characterizes musical creativity.

Shannon speaks of an “urge” that has arisen since the band’s previous album, From a View, to experiment with additional instruments and layering techniques in order to push their music forward into new territory.

One of the key aspects of this experimentation, Shannon notes, was the use of group vocals to create a choir-like, anthemic sound that infuses the record with a sense of grandeur and emotional power.

The decision to incorporate this technique was a conscious one, born out of a desire to match and amplify the feelings that the lyrics evoke. Yet, despite the band’s deliberate efforts to expand their sonic palette, there is also a sense of natural progression at work.

The addition of new elements and textures to their music seems to have emerged organically, as a result of the band’s collective growth and evolution over time. Offering up a glimpse into the complex process of musical creation, as well as the ways in which artists strive to balance intentionality with spontaneity in order to achieve a unique and authentic expression of their artistic vision.


Recorded live on a 24-track tape machine over three days by Nao Anzai at Soundpark Studios in Melbourne, and mixed by the acclaimed sound engineer, Andrew Savours, Painting of My Time is a work of art. Floodlights’ impressive musicianship and compelling stage presence have won them a loyal following, and their new album is sure to solidify their place as one of Australia’s best bands.

Painting of My Time is an exceptional album, showcasing Floodlights’ mastery of their craft and their dedication to creating music that is both authentic and evocative.


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