Frank Ocean? Stevie Wonder? We take a look at 20 potential acts you could be seeing at Bluesfest 2017

Bluesfest 2017 already has a pretty stellar working lineup. Buddy Guy, Patti Smith, The Lumineers and more currently occupy the ticket, however there’s always room for more.

It’s no secret that the folks over at Bluesfest are dishing out artist announcements faster than the speed of light, and in the wake of their second line-up for next year’s festivities, we’ve put together a list of 20 artists who would make Bluesfest 2017 an absolute froth fest!

bluesfest 2017

There’s already tons of artists we want to see at Bluesfest 2017, but why not add a few more? With extra lineup announcements on the way, we’ve put together a dream list of potential acts.

Emily Wurramuraa

Bluesfest are renowned for their celebration and support of local artists and indigenous Australians, and Emily Wurramuraa is one flowering talent who ticks both of those boxes. The singer/songwriter touches heavily on her cultural heritage throughout her writing, and does so with warmth and charisma. This creative spirit is on the up and up and would be an ideal candidate for next year’s festival.

Midnight Oil

With the band’s reformation and Peter Garrett touring solo across the country, there could be no better year to have Aussie legends Midnight Oil take to the Bluesfest stage. Almost all of Bluesfest’s Facebook posts are infiltrated with people asking for the band to play, and 2017 may just be the year for it.

Marcus King Band

Each year Peter Noble and co. bring out up and coming artists for us all to discover, and the Marcus King Band would slide into that slot seamlessly. All the way in South Carolina 20 year old Marcus King is astounding guitar lovers worldwide, proving himself to be the next big player. A protégé of Allman Brothers’ Warren Haynes, the young artist and his band have been developing a sound that blur the lines between genres, and gives a fresh take on what we know to be the blues. A band that won’t be unknown for long. Better get in quick, Pete.

Tom Petty

Tom Petty is as good as it gets, and if the American icon was to be put on the Bluesfest 2017 line-up alongside ex-Traveling Wilburys bandmate, Lynne, it would be like something from outer space. Classic rock fans would surely all agree that it would be one of the best artist announcements of recent years, and with some of the surprising acts announced so far, it may just become a reality. As Petty himself once said, even the losers get lucky sometimes…

Neil Young

Neil Young is a favourite of many and serves as one of those rare artists who has continued to impact the majority of people for over 4 generations. If Young was to be announced for next year’s line-up it would not only mean a hoard of over-joyous 50+ year olds but children, teens and everyone in between coming together to buy tickets and celebrate his music, which would be ideal for a festival that already succeeds in bringing music enthusiasts of all ages together. The way it should be done!

Paul Rodgers

Free, Bad Company, and the greatest voice in rock n roll history, Paul Rodgers is another of the most requested acts for Bluesfest. The legend continues to tour around the world and has released some delicious Blues records in recent years. A stop off at Bluesfest 2017 would make for some seriously excited adults, and would give Gen Y’s a chance to discover his talent.

Jeff Lynne

ELO, The Traveling Wilburys, and some of the most luscious locks in the music industry. Jeff Lynne MUST perform at Bluesfest, and with his recent tours across the UK, 2017’s festival could be the one.

Frank Ocean

With the release of his much anticipated LP, Blonde, and a repertoire good enough to kill a man, people are frothing over Frank Ocean right now. Ocean really could be the ultimate contemporary headliner for 2017’s already delicious line-up.

Ana Popovic

Ana Popovic is one of the finest and most underrated guitarists on earth. The Strat slinging blueswoman just finished up an Aussie tour and blew some brains out whilst she was at it. She is what’s missing from the line-up so far, and with any hope she’ll be making her return to Aussie shores next year to prove to an even bigger crowd that she’s practically Stevie Ray Vaughan reincarnated.

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder – the man responsible for some of the greatest hits in music history – Isn’t She Lovely, Superstitious, Dreams, and let’s not forget the collaboration with BB King and SRV, Come Let Me Make Your Love Come Down. If he were to feature on the Bluesfest 2017 line-up it would be so dream worthy that they might run out of tickets. What a treat it would be for the music lovers of Aus.

Van Morrison

He is the grumpy genius behind some of the most celebrated records in music history and despite continuing to tour around the globe we Aussies have been missing out big time. Van Morrison is yet to perform at Bluesfest but if he did it would be the ultimate treasure for any fan who’s found emotional freedom whilst listening to Astral Weeks, grooved around to Moondance, or got married to one of his many love songs. As far as classic performers go, Morrison is top of the game and at the very top of many people’s wish lists.

Steve Winwood

From Traffic to Blind Faith to a solo career that has spanned decades, Steve Winwood is rock royalty, and one of the Bluesfest attendees most requested artists. Every passing year there’s an influx of festival goers who beg and plead for Winwood to make an appearance, the renowned keyboardist and singer’s name on the 2017 line-up would guarantee thousands of happy fans ready and willing to grab themselves a ticket.

Gov’t Mule

Warren Haynes and Gov’t Mule are loved by many Aussies and it’s easy to see why. Serving as a side project to the Allman Brothers, the southern rock jammers are exactly the kind of flavour that gets Bluesfest heated each year, and the 2017 line-up would benefit hugely from a hit of these guys.

David Crosby

Oh Croz. The man, the maestro, the legend. Having been an intrinsic part of the rock n roll scene since the 60s, David Crosby is about to release his 5th solo LP, Lighthouse, meaning this is the perfect time for him to make his long awaited return to Aussie shores. The man has the voice of an angel, and it would resonate wonderfully across any Bluesfest tent.

John Mayer

With new music on the horizon, a bevy of unrelenting, diehard fans and a 2014 Bluesfest performance that made women literally faint and everyone else melt into his guitar driven abyss, John Mayer is the ideal candidate for 2017’s line-up, or any for that matter.

Tedeschi Trucks Band

Those of us who were lucky enough to revel in the sights and sounds of a Tedeschi Trucks Band set during this year’s festival would agree that their talent is of another level. There is no guitar player alive who comes close to rivalling the emotion Trucks can ignite from his SG, and together with Susan’s vocals it’s not for the faint hearted. The band is filled with some of the tightest, and most talent musicians on the blues scene and they can make any festival worth attending. Bluesfest 2017 would sky rocket even harder into intoxicating territory with them on board.

Jimmie Vaughan

Jimmie Vaughan is a veteran on the blues circuit and a hero amongst many. As the older brother of Stevie Ray Vaughan and the very reason he picked up a guitar, he is one hell of a player. Having toured around the globe since his days with The Fabulous Thunderbirds, he has finesse, flair and Texas blues to boot. He last played at Bluesfest 2014, and it’s about time he returns. A great addition to any line up.

Eric Clapton

Back in 2014 Peter Noble revealed that he asks Eric Clapton to join the bill every year, and that all it would take is a ‘yes’ from him. Despite his half retirement, health issues, and dislike of touring, Clapton is the missing piece of the puzzle and I don’t think us blues fanatics will ever stop hoping to see him on the Bluesfest stage. After all, it can’t be Australia’s greatest festival without having been graced by the presence of God.

Mark Knopfler

A stellar solo career. Dire Straits. Fingers that could rival those of a saint’s. Mark Knopfler’s guitar playing is so intricate, erotic, and purely genius that if the thought of him headlining Bluesfest 2017, or any Aussie festival for that matter, doesn’t send chills running down your spine then you clearly haven’t heard You and Your Friend.

Dave Matthews Band

Before compiling this list we did some hunting. Searching every corner of the Bluesfest Facebook and Twitter pages to see what the people were asking for, and The Dave Matthews Band popped up every time. The rockers last played Bluesfest in 2014, headlining alongside John Mayer, and it seems that us Aussies can’t get enough. Having them as part of the 2017 line-up would be a gloriously crowd pleasing decision, which Peter Noble is surely too aware of.