French couple pay almost $10k for a kitten which turned out to be a tiger cub

A couple in France paid $10k for a hybrid Savannah kitten, only to discover that it was actually a tiger cub.

Imagine spending ten grand on a kitten, only to discover you’ve accidentally bought a tiger cub?

That’s exactly what happened to a french couple from Le Havre, who forked out almost $10,000 (AUD) two years ago for what they thought was a Savannah cat.

tiger cub kitten

The couple purchased the animal back in 2018 after coming across an online ad for a Savannah cat, which is a cross between a wild African serval cat and a domestic cat. Savannah cats, unlike tigers, are legal to own in France.

Arriving to pick up the cat, the couple failed to realise that the seller was in fact carrying a three-month-old tiger from Indonesia. The tiger in question, a Sumatran tiger, is critically endangered, with fewer than 400 left around the globe. When the couple began to suspect that what they had purchased was in fact not a cat, they called the police, who in turn launched an investigation.

Now, after two years, the investigation, led by the Regional Intervention Group of the National Police and the Departmental Security, has come to a finish. According to France Bleu, nine people have been arrested in relation to the big cat (including the original couple), after it was traced back to an animal trafficking operation.

I guess the moral of the story is…don’t accidentally buy a tiger cub on the internet?