Fungas explain their experimental ‘Theory Of The Mind’ EP, track by track

Psych-rock act, Fungas made a debut EP so fun and experimental that they didn’t even see it coming. Today, they run us through the tracklist.

Fungas have a deep love for creating original pieces of music that take you on a bit of a trip. It shines through in their output, which is drenched in unique instrumentation and production trickery.

Now that their debut EP Theory of The Mind is out in the world, (and out of this world), the boys have taken some time to look back at the experience. Prepare yourselves for some wild studio tales from Charlie (guitar, keys, vocals), Kevin (bass, keys) and Frazer (drums, percussion, vocals). This is the track-by-track rundown of Theory Of The Mind, from the band themselves.


Temporary Escalator – Charlie

With a little bit of studio time left on the clock, we had about half a days worth to do whatever we wanted. I had been sitting on this chord progression for ages and I don’t really know how to play keys or piano properly but I thought it sounded really sick.

I thought we could make a really chilled and cruisy track out of the progression and when we got into the studio, we were blown away by Simon’s (mixer/producer at Lakehouse Audio) brand new toy, a mellotron micro.

We pretty much heard that and said let’s put every bloody instrument in this shit. So that’s what we did. We also got Fraz (drummer) to flex his guitar skills on the track, he and I both did a little underlying vocal track and that was pretty much it.

The end of the track is pretty funny and kinda really fucking scary. I remember all of us literally screaming and laughing like wild monkeys to just make the end sound suss as. We lost our shit when we heard the final result. It was fun.


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Fruit Fly – Charlie

Fruit Fly is a pretty absurd one, that’s hell riffy and has 1000 bits to it. But we wrote it a while ago and it’s one that I’m definitely proud of, even if I’m not really into all that riffage type of music at the moment. I love how full on it gets towards the end. It’s one of my favourite songs to play live.

I wrote the lyrics about this one time when we finished a gig, while watching the next band Kevin (bass player) got approached by some witch looking lady and apparently got touched on the forehead and went completely blind. No drugs, just straight witchery. We all thought he was taking the piss until one of our girlfriends said she saw him fully get hexed. Witchcraft or not, there’s some crazy weird shit out there. Hopefully, she’s not reading this.


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Theory Of The Mind – Charlie

One night when we were about 16-17, Frazer and I took two acoustic guitars out and around the streets, we grew up around in Newcastle. We went on a massive walk whilst simultaneously playing and pretty much wrote this tune. I remember it being such an awesome experience because we were jamming these really chilled acoustic songs but then had the whole backdrop of suburban sprawl, coastal beaches and even some bush areas that we made our way through and had the experience to gaze upon as we pushed through the diverse environmental palette of ‘spew-castle’.

When we got back home, we wrote some lyrics, a little structure and then that song pretty much sat in our voice memos for probably a year or two. It wasn’t until listening back to old voice memos that I remembered the track and was instantly taken back to that really awesome night. We jammed the song as a band and then brought it into the studio and that was that. I’m pretty proud of that song, and I’m pretty attached to it, not only because it reminds me of first writing and jamming music, but because it was our first real foray into straying out of riff-based songs and writing simple tunes.


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Pareidolia – Frazer

Pareidolia is just sorta a jam we wrote one night when we were all sitting around a living room each holding a guitar. It got pretty weird that night, but it was sick cause it was also one of the first heaps simple chordsy tracks we wrote and felt okay about.

It was just a cold old surf rock song that didn’t take long to write or play. We finished the song in one night and wrote the lyrics and melodies the next day and it was done.

Sirens – Kevin

Sirens was a pain in the ass to write. It was a pretty simple idea, write a jammy, chunky, loud, jump around and break your knees kinda song but there were too many ways to go with it.

I think we have enough versions of the damn thing for a full-length album, and I don’t think anyone actually knows how to play it live cause we kinda rewrote it on the day of recording and haven’t played it since haha. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Listen to Theory Of The Mind EP below: