Gamers are playing Johnny Cash, the Beatles and more on The Last of Us II’s in-game guitar

Gamers love a challenge, whether it’s completing Dark Souls on a Dance Dance Revolution pad or speed-running DOOM Eternal in 27 minutes. The newest, quite unbelievable task players around the world are taking on involves strumming a few notes in The Last of Us Part II.

Other than the fact that there’s a playable guitar in The Last of Us Part II, there won’t be any spoilers in this article. Thought we’d give you the heads up – the internet’s a scary place.

the last of us part ii

Think you’ve got guitar chops? Now you can put your skills to the test in The Last of Us Part II and join a league of players covering their favourite songs in-game.

In the early stages of Naughty Dog’s blinder of a new game, players will come across an pretty well-realised guitar mechanic. By switching between chords on your thumbstick and strumming down six ‘strings’ on the PS4 controller touchpad, the developers have effectively created a fully playable, sampled acoustic guitar.

It can be a little finicky to use, but that hasn’t stopped a bunch of Twitter users from covering the Beatles, Johnny Cash (covering Nine Inch Nails), The Eagles, and a bunch more of their favourite songs.

When I first saw how the guitar worked in game I did think, ‘give it a month and somebody will be playing Through the Fire and Flames on that.’ We’re not quite there yet, but give it a little time. This has legs.

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