Gang of Four are set to release the final recordings of guitarist Andy Gill

In February of this year, British post-punk band Gang Of Four were devastated to announce the death of their founding member, Andy Gill.

Now, the band have announced that they will release the late guitarist’s final recordings.

gang of four andy gill

Gang Of Four is set to release the final recordings of their beloved founding member, the late Andy Gill. 

Andy Gill suddenly passed away in early 2020, due to a short respiratory illness. The band announced the heartbreaking news via Twitter:

“This is so hard for us to write, but our great friend and Supreme Leader has died today. Andy’s final tour in November was the only way he was ever really going to bow out; with a Stratocaster around his neck, screaming with feedback and deafening the front row.”

Gill was honoured for his incredible ability to turn the band’s wild and radical political statements into music worth dancing to, and a new EP will feature the guitarist’s final recordings and honour his talent even further

The EP is titled Anti Hero EP. The band, as well as Gill’s wife, have also stated that all proceeds from the EP will benefit Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, as a way to recognise, celebrate, and support those who cared for Gill during his hospitalisation.

Gill’s widow is Catherine Mayer, a well-known author and journalist, and the co-founder and president of the Women’s Equality Party in the UK. In a statement to The Guardian, Mayer said: 

“[Andy was] working on this music and overseeing mixes from his hospital bed until literally the last day when they put him under.”

She then continued to discuss the politics behind the album: 

“So many – mainly men I’m afraid – seem susceptible to the idea that if you behave and dress a bit badly and break the rules, it makes you a genius. Andy talked about how it was becoming impossible for such populist figures to not intrude into his lyrics. He’d look at Trump’s tweets and go, ‘There’s a Gang of Four lyric right there.’”

The Anti Hero EP is set to be released on July 17.