Gang of Four announce new EP, recorded shortly before Andy Gill’s death

Following the death of Andy Gill at the beginning of this month, Gang of Four have announced a brand new EP.

The EP contains re-recordings of three tracks from the band’s catalogue along with two spoken word pieces from Gill.

Gang of Four’s new EP This Heaven Gives Me Migraines will be the band’s first release following guitarist and songwriter Andy Gill’s death this month.

The band have released the first teaser track, The Dying Rays (2020), from the EP which will be called This Heaven Gives Me Migraines. There will also be re-recordings of the songs Toreadors and the classic Natural’s Not In It.

Andy Gill’s wife Catherin Mayer released the statement, “From the hospital, Andy continued to give final notes on mixes of music that he looked forward to releasing. Since his death, I have been working with the band to fulfil his vision. The only change we have made is to include on the EP two brief recordings of Andy speaking, both, in different ways, the essence of Andy.”

In a recent press release for the band, singer John “Gaoler” Sterry stated, “This collection of songs was recorded just before Andy died and it was his intention to get these out—to represent the way we played them on tour, late last year. All three songs were recorded in Andy’s home studio in London and there’s a fly-on-the-wall intimacy to this EP; from the song selection to the snippets of spoken word.”

In relation to Gills death, Sterry continued by saying, “I had inklings but I didn’t really know how serious it was, and by the time I realized that it was almost too late to really say goodbye. But I was there in the hospital for the last few days. It was incredibly sad and incredibly quick.”

Gang of Four’s legacy will continue for a long time to come.

This Heaven Gives Me Migraines will be out February 26th.