Want to know what Lou Reed listened to? Check out this playlist made before he died

In 2013 the world said goodbye to beloved musical icon, Lou Reed. Throughout his long career, he released 22 solo albums and five studio albums with The Velvet Underground.

Yet despite being prolific in his own right, Reed was also a champion of alternative American pop music. It turns out he was pretty technologically savvy too. A Spotify playlist curated by the man himself reveals what he was listening to in his final days, and just how broad his tastes actually were.

lou reed

An eclectic playlist made by Lou Reed before he died gives insight into the music that he loved and just how much he embraced the modern.

Reed tragically passed away from liver disease in 2013, aged 71. He remained incredibly active in his final years, releasing his final record, Lulu, a collaborative album with Metallica, just two years prior to his death. Reed also provided guest vocals on Canadian indie rock band Metric‘s album, Synthetica, just months before he passed away.

But Reed also had a deep appreciation of contemporary music. At 71, he’d fully embraced technology, controlling his own Spotify account on which he’d curate his own playlists. Reed’s final playlist was one titled, “What I’m listening to” which exists in two parts.

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The playlists give an amazing snapshot into the musical taste of the incredible musician. Never one to shy away from the new, it features classics from the likes of Roy Orbison, Prince, and Tom Waits, alongside modern hits from Nicki Minaj, Robyn, and more.

Check out the playlist in two parts below.

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