‘Genshin Impact’ expands to include Aloy from ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’

Genshin Impact, the successful gacha RPG, is set to make Horizon’s Aloy a playable character. This collaboration is the latest example of Sony attempting to reach new audiences through its recognisable cast of first-party characters.

Genshin Impact functions as a free-to-play action RPG with gacha mechanics. What this means is the studio (miHoYo) doesn’t make money from selling their game, but rather encouraging players to purchase content within their game.

The term ‘gacha’ actually refers to the iconic toy vending machines, popular in Japan, that allow fans to purchase small goodies which are generally enclosed in a capsule. So in this context, Horizon Forbidden West’s Aloy is being added into Genshin Impact‘s in-game vending machine.

horizon forbidden west aloy
Image: Horizon Forbidden West / Guerrilla Games

It all has a sort of consumer culture gone mad energy to it, which I might object more thoroughly to if it weren’t for the fact that Genshin Impact Aloy looks so adorable. Adorable, yet still possessing the rugged competence and bravery that made her such a fan favourite in Sony’s acclaimed Horizon series.

Aloy will be the first hero added to Genshin Impact in their Saviour From Another World event, which essentially translates to playable characters from other popular video games. This event kicks off on October 13, which will mark the first date Aloy becomes available.

She will also reportedly be available again during a second “deployment” on November 24. She will be obtainable through the in-game mail system (for free, it should be added).

genshin impact aloy
Image: Genshin Impact / miHoYo

As in her own series’ game, Aloy will fight using her trusty bow, but she will also have access to Genshin Impact‘s Cryo (ice) magic spells.

Aloy will only be available to Genshin Impact players who play on either a PS4 or PS5 console.