German Olympic gymnastics team wear unitards to protest sexualisation

German Olympic gymnastics team wear unitards to protest sexualisation

The German women’s Gymnastics team wore unitards to their Olympics qualifying round to combat the rampant sexualisation of female gymnasts.

Instead of the standard bikini cut leotards, the German women’s Gymnastics team wore Unitards which stretched ankle length and midway across the arm.

They wore the outfits to make a statement about the stringent rules and double standards that pervade women’s clothing.

Image of Gymnastics team

Gymnast Elizabeth Seitz said: “We wanted to show that every woman, everybody, should decide what to wear.” 

Team member, Sarah Voss spoke further of the decision saying: “The coaches were also very much into it. They said they want us to feel the most confident and comfortable in any case.”

It should be noted that male gymnasts wear comparatively more covered clothes for their routines.

Their uniform consists of singlets with loose shorts for their floor exercise and vault, and singlets and long pants on the bar and pommel horse routines.

This isn’t the first time this Olympics that women’s uniforms have come under scrutiny. Paralympian Olivia Breen was criticised for wearing “inappropriate” shorts by an Olympic volunteer.

The Norwegian women’s volleyball team, were even fined for opting to wear shorts instead of bikini bottoms.

At the end of the day, these gymnasts should be able to wear what makes them comfortable and able to perform well.

American gymnast, Simone Biles who responded to the German team’s decision, sums this up well.

 “I stand with their decision to wear whatever they please and whatever makes them feel comfortable… So if anyone out there wants to wear a unitard or leotard, it’s totally up to you.”

Germany’s gymnasts wore full-body suits at the Tokyo Olympics as they continued their stand against the sexualisation of the sport.

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