Get lost in the unadulterated, untamed energy of Moonhunter’s Hypersensitive EP

Last month, ultimate alt-rock duo Moonhunter released their highly anticipated debut Hypersensitive EP. The raucous 5-track masterpiece from the Adelaide dwelling up and comers has since made undeniable waves across the Australian music scene.

“Hypersensitive travels through introspective and philosophical themes such as alienation, nostalgia and how we might look to an outside perspective.”

Moonhunter’s infectiously raucous Hypersensitive EP completely encapsulates the duos inimitable ability to combine sensitive lyricism with unforgettably powerful, punchy hooks.

The holistic result of the Hypersensitive EP is an undoubtedly unique and progressive take on rock as we know it. Moonhunter have very much carved their place in the industry as an unstoppable force of untamed live energy and unadulterated individuality.

Hypersensitive opens with the dark, yet majorly energetic track Animal. The track captures what the band is best known for: soaring melodies, dynamic, danceable hooks and an overall termagant listening experience that you couldn’t forget, even if you wanted to.

Khaj’s Garage highlights Moonhunter’s ability to create a cacophony of sound and make it into a near-cinematic experience. The duo’s vocals seem to melt together in an inescapable wave of authentic rock artistry that will cling to your brain for days.

The Hypersensitive EP showcases the band’s ability to remain consistently true to their distinctive sound, while still highlighting their own stylistic diversity within all of their tracks.

Temperamental People takes on the power of unruly percussion and pairs it with a full and boisterous showcase of their completely unique take on alternative rock.  The Hypersensitive EP seems to come full circle when it closes its doors with their sentimentally psyched out track, Your Majesty.

Listen to Moomhunter’s hectic debut EP, Hypersensitive below.



October 25th / MELBOURNE / Whole Lotta Love Bar
November 3rd / ADELAIDE / Wundenberg’s Studio •