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Pineapple on pizza – yes or no? Join the debate and win tickets to Spilt Milk!

pineapple on pizza

Pineapple on pizza – where do you stand? Does it even go in cocktails? Does it have any place in mixed food or beverages at all?!

Come on down to the Bank Hotel this fortnight (November 4-18) to have your say and put the issue to rest.

pineapple on pizza the great pineapple debate the bank hotel newtown

Does pineapple go on pizza or not? Come on down to the rum shack at the Bank Hotel this weekend and tell us why you love or hate pineapple – you could win tickets to Spilt Milk!

There’ll be a pop-up shack in the beer garden where you can feast on everything pineapple – ham and pineapple pizza, vegan pineapple pizza, ham steaks and pineapple salsa, as well as pineapple and classic mojitos, amongst other alcoholic goodies.

There’ll also be live entertainment provided by the one and only Aquaman, painting a live mural while some serious debating goes down… this issue’s more loaded than dropping a +4 on your mate in a game of Uno.

But here’s the real juice – come on down to the shack and tell ’em why you love or hate pineapple and you could win tickets to Spilt Milk in Canberra!

Don’t miss out – check out the event details here.


The Great Pineapple Debate  – 4-18 November – The Bank Hotel, Newtown


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November 5, 2018