Lost Woods list their 5 artists to watch from Adelaide

Adelaide is an underestimated hot-spot for great emerging Aussie music. Being from the city, and having gigged there extensively, Lost Woods know this better than anyone.

So fresh off the release of their incredible new single, we caught up with the South Australian five-piece to get their thoughts on the city’s five best artists currently making the rounds.

The South Australian music scene is brimming with incredible emerging talent… so much so, it can be a little overwhelming. So we caught up with Lost Woods to get their five acts to watch.

Neon Tetra

Hardest working band in Adelaide. Always playing a show, on tour, or in the studio. Come for the retro pop synth grooves, stay for the instagram stories. Masters of content.


Louis has one of the best voices in Adelaide… always flawless. Fantastic to see live too. Alien is an incredible track.

Dean Forever

I wish I was as cool as Dean Forever. Dreamy and melodic, Kiah’s vocals are effortlessly nonchalant.

Naomi Keyte

Beautiful folky pop. So moody and atmospheric… I can’t stop listening to Melaleuca.

The Winter Gypsy

Incredible indie folk. Beautifully delicate and ethereal songs, they sound simple at first but are so deep and layered.

Listen to Lost Woods’ new single Cinnamon now.