Getting to know Sydney alt-rock trio Indigo Point

Last week, when Sydney-based three-piece Indigo Point released their latest single Time In A Mile, we were immediately immersed in their alt-rock sounds.

So fresh off the release of the track, we decided to get to know the band a little better. Here are five questions as answered by Sam Morrell (lead vocals, guitar), J.J. Tempas (bass), and Josh Mason (drums, backing vocals). 

Fresh off the release of their incredible new single Time In A Mile, we get to know Sydney-based outfit Indigo Point a little better.

Favourite drink and why?

SAM: Whisky because you can’t drink too much at a time and everyone will leave you alone. Nuff said.

J.J: I gotta say I like a good pale ale. They got a nice flavour but they’re not too strong.

JOSH: Guinness. Hands down. You can drink it any time of the year. It’s not as carbonated as other beers which means that you can drink more of it!

Favourite Sydney spot?

SAM: The Botanical Gardens, looking out over the bay. It’s really central and yet calm at the same time.

J.J: I’d have to say Little Bay Beach. Used to go there all the time as a kid and it’s such a nice chill spot to hang out when it’s not busy.

JOSH: Probably Bondi. If you’re lucky enough to find a quiet spot, take a book, take headphones, jump in for a swim, it’s just too good.

Favourite season?

SAM: Winter as I prefer to wear more clothes. The Summer heat is not good for instruments either.

J.J: Winter. You can layer up in blankets, jackets and beanies, plus being inside when it’s raining is so soothing. Summer is too hot unless you’re in an air-conditioned room or at the beach, and spring/autumn is just an uncomfortable mix of both.

JOSH: Like the other guys said, Winter! Get to wear all my jackets, gloves and boots!

Name a TV show that you could watch and re-watch over and over again?

SAM: Blackadder. I suppose it’s more nostalgic at this point but it’s still such good fun.

J.J: Definitely Seinfeld! Classic characters and jokes, really well written and enough episodes to not get bored when you rewatch it.

JOSH: Unpopular opinion: LOST! By the time you reach the end, you can watch it from season one all over again! How good is that! Also, a big J.J. Abrams fan, so that’s a bonus!

A piece of musical equipment that you couldn’t live without?

SAM: I’d say my laptop (which I consider musical equipment). You can do anything with a Macbook these days, even when it’s just ideas.

J.J: My first bass. It mightn’t be the most amazing instrument, but it’s always reliable and can deliver the punch that I require. Plus I’ve added a few cosmetic things that just make it look awesome on stage.

JOSH: Vic Firth 5B drum sticks. My life force, I’d be entirely useless without them! The sad thing is that I break them quite often, which is good because I love smashing in a new pair of sticks!

Time In A Mile is available now. Listen above.