Needle In The Hay

GForce reveals grand prize for 2024’s Needle In The Hay Winner

This year’s Needle In The Hay winner will walk away with all the GForce plugins they need for their next big hit. 

We are on the cusp of announcing this year’s Needle In The Hay winner, with entries to the music competition closing tomorrow (March 22).

Fret not, hopeful musicians, for there is still time to throw your hat in the ring before submissions close, and still a chance to walk away with the voluminous range of prizes on offer. 

OB-Ez-GForce NITH Prize

From fresh apparel to much-needed beverages and premium music gear, the top place-getters for Needle In The Hay 2024 will walk away with much more than the coveted crown.

To top it all off, our friends at GForce have swooped in at the eleventh hour to reveal their prizes for the lucky victor (hint, it’s a truck’s worth of plugins). 

That’s right, GForce — the masters of audio software known for delivering ​​the most authentic quality in the virtual instrument arena — are offering a total of eleven (!) plugins and five (!) packs for the lucky Needle In The Hay Winner.

That’s more than enough for hopeful entrants to create their next big track, and with GForce at their fingertips, it’ll probably be their best yet.   

Entrants, get your notebooks ready; GForce will give away the following plugins: Axxess, Minimonsta2, impOSCar2, Oddity3, M-Tron Pro IV – Complete, Oberheim OB-X, Oberheim OB-E, Oberheim OB-EZ, Oberheim SEM, VSM IV, MKII.

Phew! There’s enough there for you to become a software wizard in your own right, but there’s also a range of packs on offer for extra wizardry. 

This year’s Needle In The Hay winner will also collect GForce’s Axxess – Electronica Expansion Pack, Axxess – Pop Expansion Pack, Axxess – Hip Hop Expansion Pack, Axxess – Cinematic Expansion Pack, Minimonsta2 – 90s Inspiration Expansion Pack

All of it adds up to what just might be our biggest prize haul to date, and on top of the range of goodies from our other prizing partners, the NITH winner will be laughing all the way to the studio.

Find out more about GForce and their prize products via their website here, and head here to submit your track for Needle In The Hay.