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‘Bluey’ sound designer Dan Brumm hosts masterclass at SAE

“I would just learn to trust your instincts,” Bluey sound designer Dan Brumm told students during a masterclass held at SAE. 

Dan Brumm, the voiceover artist and sound designer for Bluey, has hosted an audio design masterclass for students at SAE Creative Media Institute

Brumm, who has had a hand in the sound design of all 151 episodes of the Emmy-winning Australian animation, shared insights as part of the institute’s sound design for animation course, discussing his work in the field and the trajectory of his career as an SAE graduate himself. 

Dan Brumm 'Bluey' masterclass

Brumm, who also voices the Bluey character of Uncle Stripe, looked back on his early days as an SAE student, telling students that the courses provided “[were] a great introduction into sound” and that while his start in the industry wasn’t easy, “anything can happen through hard work and determination.” 

Elsewhere, Brumm recounted the genesis of Bluey, created by his brother Joe, and how his role as a sound designer plays into the show’s storytelling.

“The fundamental part of being a sound designer is trying to support the story that the director is telling through key sound choices,” Dan said

“We wanted the sound design to be as real as possible, which would help give weight to the beautifully stylised animations.”

Brumm said the crossover between his sound design and voice over work has been preposterous, since both roles mean “you’re managing the audio with a lot of creatives…so they get to know you.” 

As for the tips and tricks of the trade, Brumm encouraged audio design students to allow their projects some breathing during the editing process.


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“If I’m editing an episode of a show, I’ll park it and come back the next day with fresh ears, and if the sound isn’t right, it will immediately stand out,” he said.

“I would just learn to trust your instincts.” Brumm is one of multiple notable alumni who got their start at SAE, with the institute also kickstarting the careers of Cardi B collaborator Michael Ashby, as well as Sampa The Great, Pendulum frontman Rob Swire, and hip-hop producer Koh-Dee