Giddy up: Seinfeld Adventure is the game about nothing

It was the show that claimed to be about nothing, but it sure turned into something. If you were alive and not hiding under a rock in the pre-internet ’90s, your primetime TV was all about Seinfeld.

The show about four sociopathically selfish New Yorkers became a TV phenomenon to outshine all others. Now game creators Jacob Janerka and Ivan Dixon have pixelated Jerry’s world and are pitching Seinfeld Adventure as a new point-and-click game.Seinfeld adventure

Seinfeld Adventure: from the minds of Jacob Janerka and Ivan Dixon, it transforms the show about nothing into a video game, also about nothing.

The team behind the proposed development have some runs on the board when it comes to adventure games and pixel art. Janerka was the creator behind the cult hit Paradigm and Dixon has collaborated made pixel intros for Adventure Time, Rick & Morty and The Simpsons.

Judging by the trailer, the game takes the latent black comedy of the original sitcom and pushes it to the front and centre. The opening gambit of the pitch: “Have you ever wanted to be a terrible person with no consequences?” Sounds like they’ve got the Seinfeld formula down pat.

Click here to read the full pitch and watch the video pitch below for your nostalgia fix.