What’s on this weekend: Happy’s picks for Sydney’s gigs

Still not sure how to spend your weekend? Happy’s got it covered with our favourite gigs this weekend.

It’s pretty simple – after combing through gig after gig, we have accumulated a list of some personal favourites that are playing this weekend in Sydney. From death metal to bedroom pop to post-punk to electro, there’s a price-savvy gig here for everyone.


Rocket Science


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In their own words, Rocket Science describes themselves as “trashy-psychedelic-garage-punk with new wave, no-wave art-punk melodic enthusiasm”. My professional take on them is “sick sounding choonz, maaaate”.

Still rocking 25 years later, Rocket Science will be going on tour for their latest album ‘Push Play’.

The album is teased by their single ‘Agitation’, which is reminiscent of a classic good guy/bad guy car chase from a 1950s movie.

Joining them will be Sick Fizz, who, personally, sounds like a combination of ADHD, a sugar rush and some filthy, filthy guitar.



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Honouring their latest release, album ‘The Serpent Tide’, Witchskull is bringing the thunder; loud, heavy, and felt in your chest.

It’s the type of sound that makes you want to do karate in the middle of a moshpit, crush a can on your forehead and bodyslamming into a concrete wall (weekend plans: sorted).

Demonstrating their diversity, Witchskull will be bringing with them Pilots of Baalbek, whose area of expertise is 70s rock n roll, and Sydney-psychedelic-stoners Robot God.



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S.Miles is having a party for their second single Cavities, referred to as ‘the saxiest song about filling holes in your teeth’.

To celebrate, they’ve invited your favourite freaks; the melancholy, self-aware Fenn is cool, Glitter Critter, who makes their music with Gameboys, and the Mouth Mystic, who will be using their magical powers to hand out free psychic readings. 

Come on down to improve both mental AND dental health.


Maia Toakely


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Honouring her latest release ‘Reverie’, Maia Toakely invites you to indulge in her intimate pop ballads that are sure to not only make you cry, but to make you full-bodied sob.

Joining her is the raw and honest Ned Olive and indie-rock Rolie.

The Houses 1st Birthday

Get out your birthday hats, blow up your balloons and bring your presence (get it) to celebrate the iconic House of Music and Booze’s very first birthday.

They’re pulling out all the stops for this all-day party, starting at 3 and the House is filled to the gills with legendary acts such as Andy Golledge Band, Lady Lyon and G.U.N, as well as DJs such as Early Mark and Heavy Demo prepared to get the grooves flowing. 



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The genre-bending, indie/electronic/rock band STUMPS is celebrating their latest release, ‘Life’s Moving Past You’ with a night at the bowlo.

Come along for a night of grooves and good times.

Joining them will be everyone’s favourite Sydney indie pop-rock fast-risers, Jet City Sports Club.


Pitfall Festival


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What’s the best way to cure a hangover, you ask?

Fried pickles, hair of the dog and a festival of heavy metal.

A killer lineup of 8 bands, all prepared to melt faces and explode minds with their loud and explosive metal. 

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