From glass pipes to penis pumps, this new Joe Exotic museum will have it all

What a treat it is to once again be reporting on the wildly entertaining and endlessly enigmatic Joe Exotic.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, Tiger King was all we had. Now it’s time to commemorate the show’s troubled protagonist.

Photo – Tiger King – Netflix

A museum for Tiger King’s Joe Exotic is in the making and will include everything from his penis pump to a glass pipe from one of his ex-husbands.

Things haven’t been looking good for Joe recently. As you probably know, he’s been doing time in prison for plotting to kill his ultimate rival, Carole Baskins. On top of that, Exotic may only have a few months to live, at least according to a letter saying he’s not receiving the medical treatment he needs. As dark as things seem for the hillbilly, one thing is certain: the public doesn’t want to forget him anytime soon. Especially actor, Zak Bagans.

Bagans was spending a week at Exotic’s old zoo for his own TV series Ghost Adventures, when he was struck with an excellent idea: to launch a museum for Joe Exotic. The museum is set to have a mural for Maldonado, who was fatally shot in 2017. As for inside, Jeff Lowe (who bought the zoo after Exotic’s trip to prison) has it covered. Lowe provided Bagans with some pretty memorable items he’d need to fill the proposed museum.

Some of these ‘collectables’ include pill bottles, the Tiger King’s jewelled crown, the glass pipe of ex-husband Travis Maldonado and, indeed, Exotic’s penis pump. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the infamous tiger-loving icon. I mean, some signed copies of his music would pair nicely, but then again, his penis pump is plenty.

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