Glitch and melody: Project Frenzy runs us through his two latest singles

Last week we bore witness to ERROR 404, the new dynamo from Rutherford-based producer Project Frenzy. It’s was computer fantasy laced with groovy house vibes throughout – a banger start to finish.

To learn a little more about how the producer works, we asked him to run us through two of his recent tracks; the aforementioned ERROR 404 and previous single Circuit Break.

project frenzy

Go behind the scenes with Project Frenzy Circuit Break and ERROR 404, two ripper tunes and the producer’s latest work to date.

Circuit Break

Initially Circuit Break started off from a concept that I’d been trying to accomplish for a while now, which was basically every one of my songs having a ‘sister track’ (just a song that is good to follow when playing live).

It was supposed to be a sister track for my song Savior from my debut album but very quickly, I realised it was going to become it’s own thing. I had just discovered a brand new plugin, known as Cthulhu, as well and was keen to test it on a track.

The overall feel of the track came about from me simply wanting to break free of my little bubble I’d put myself in from the past year of producing. With a better understanding of production I was able to create a new sound, that still sounded like me but stayed fresh and new.


Let’s start with probably the biggest inspiration for this song, the name. I keep a list of possible song names at all times and this one had been sitting around for almost two and a half years now, dating back to when I first started.

I felt it was a very appropriate title as usually my computer tends to crash whenever I’m in the middle of a new song, giving me error messages. My frustrations aside, I set out to create a new track that had a technological aspect to it while still being chill and melodic.

The ironic part is this song has been in the backburner for three months now because every time I’d get close to something, my computer would crash. I got to a point where I started taking screenshots of everything so I could fix it if anything went wrong. I got so frustrated with being stuck I tried going for a more hardstyle approach but very quickly realised that was no longer me.

I pulled up some old screenshots, made adjustments like crazy and went into a more ’80s inspired sound. The end result was ERROR 404.