The girl who went viral for pouring Gorilla Glue on her hair now has a line of merch

After one month of living with glued hair, “Gorilla Glue girl” has undergone glue removal surgery, released her own line of merch, and has started a GoFundMe Page.

It is one thing to turn lemons into lemonade, but is it possible to turn a sticky situation into a money making machine?

Louisiana-local Tessica Brown put this to the test after making one of the stupidest decisions of her life – using Gorilla Glue on her hair. The month-long saga did have its perks though, landing the viral sensation with her own merchandise brand, Bonded for Life.” 

tessica brown
Image: Instagram @im_d_ollady

The idea came after Brown’s viral Instagram post where she informed viewers that her hair had literally not moved in over a month since she used Gorilla Glue spray as a replacement for hairspray.


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The results will make you stone cold shocked, or as stone cold as Tessica’s head.

After four gruelling hours of surgery, exactly one month after the glue was applied, the hair was removed. Brown was flown to Los Angeles and received a free procedure from plastic surgeon Dr Michael Obeng.

Alongside the on the head (*ahem*, house) procedure to remove the glue, Brown started a GoFundMe which has since surpassed her $1,500 target and has reached nearly $24,000 (USD).

It looks like nothing can stop Brown in her tracks, not even some heavy duty glue.

Her Bonded for Life brand includes t-shirts, jumpers, and trackies sporting an image of the slicked back star. Aside from having the same hairstyle for a month, at least Brown didn’t have to do her hair every morning. And this might be the best free advertising Gorilla Glue could ever receive.

Brown has received support from Chance The Rapper and even Beyonce’s hairstylist Neal Farinah, who offered his services to her scalp.

Maybe you can make lemonade from glue after all.