Gorillaz celebrate 20 years with new book, ‘Gorillaz Almanac’

Over the past twenty years, Gorillaz have boasted their unconventional approach to music as a virtual band with fictional band members.

Now the band have just announced that they will be releasing a new book to celebrate their unique history. 


Gorillaz Almanac is a new book created alongside Z2 Comics to commemorate 20 years of Gorillaz, their incredible sound, and visual world.

Gorillaz Almanac is set to be the very first annual created by Gorillaz, inspired the great British custom of the hardback annual. The band have poured their blood, sweat, and tears into the incredible visuals within the book, working with the renowned Z2 comics to bring their crazy world to life. 

Gorillaz Almanac has over 120 pages of full-colour images, including new and old artwork, puzzles, comic strips, games, and guest appearances from a huge range of guest collaborators. In a description of the forthcoming book, the band stated:

“Gorillaz ALMANAC is a compendium of delights which finally puts the most real band around on the printed page.”

Damon Alburn is the genius behind the virtual band, most well-known as the frontman of British rock group BlurAlburn worked closely with Jamie Hewlett, one of the world’s most incredible visual artists, who has worked as a comic creator, animator, cover designer, illustrator, music video director, and songwriter over the years. Together, and along with some other gifted creatives, they created the world’s first virtual band, weaving intricate and otherworldly back-stories together, delivering a unique visual aesthetic and making some of the greatest trip-hop tracks in existence. 

Their new book is set to be released on October 16 and you might just be able to get your mittens on a limited deluxe or a limited super deluxe edition with a signed art print too. 

Gorillaz revolutionised the way that music is created, delivered and perceived. What better way to celebrate the past 20 years, than a deep delve into the band’s sensational visual world?

Head here for more info on Gorillaz Almanac.