Got a heaps ugly mate? Amazon are looking for people to play Orcs

Got a heaps ugly mate? Amazon are looking for people to play Orcs

Got any mates with some form of obscure visual peculiarity? Think they might like to be orc one day? Maybe this could be you!

Consider yourself lucky because Amazon has just issued a casting call to anyone who looks even vaguely, well…. orcish.

The casting call issued by the production’s casting agents based in Auckland, described those with ‘wonderful noses’ and ‘wrinkly faces’ as a must for orc extras.

Amazon is in the midst of their pre-production phase for a new Lord of the Rings streaming series, and you betcha there’s gonna be a shit tonne of orcs.

They’re also looking for people who are either ‘under five-feet tall’ or ‘over six-feet’, as well people with unusually high amounts of excess hair, adding that likely candidates will have “natural red hair, white hair, or lots and lots of freckles.”

People of all ages and ethnicities are invited to audition for a role as one of many thousands of extras who will participate in Amazon’s new series which will be the highest budgeted series ever to be made.

The series which is based on iconic fantasy writer J.R Tolkien’s legendary Lord of The Rings and Hobbit books, reportedly cost $363 million to obtain the rights for.

The idea behind the deliberately grotesque casting call is that the production team will save time and money on makeup and special effects for the extras. Mind you, each extra will receive around $280 a day as well as having food provided, to prance around the set in their orcish makeup and attire. Not bad hey? Maybe looking a bit like an orc isn’t such a bad thing after all…