Got some spare cash? A rare Sex Pistols record is selling for $20,000

You know that feeling when you’ve just been paid, and you’ve got a stack of spare cash to spend on stupid shit? Well, we’ve just found your next impulse buy.

A copy of The Sex Pistols‘ infamous 1977 single God Save The Queen has emerged online, with a starting auction price of roughly $20,000. Yep.

Pockets feeling a little heavy? Empty out some spare change on this insanely rare, $20,000 copy of The Sex Pistols’ God Save The Queen. 

Back in March of 1977, the Pistols signed to label A&M Records, who pressed 25,000 copies of the band’s second single. Though, due to bad behaviour, the group were dropped from the label six days later.

Hence, almost all copies of the single were destroyed. Though a small group of leftovers are still out there.

A&M sacked the band following a series of incidents that included Sid Vicious breaking a toilet bowl, cutting his foot and trailing blood throughout the office, and John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) making a death threat to a good friend of the label’s English director.

Only nine copies of the original pressing of God Save The Queen are known to exist, and you can now own one.

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