GREGBLU: A multitalented alternative hip-hop artist making waves in Japan

Exploring juxtaposition, alcoholism, and resentment in GREGBLU’S ‘SOBA’

Hailing from the US but currently residing in Japan, independent artist GREGBLU’s style leans towards alternative hip-hop. Refreshingly raw and refreshingly special.

The release of his debut album, “GREGS DEMO TAPE,” brings us the first track, “SOBA,” accompanied by a self-directed music video. The song is a blend of synthesized sounds and an unforgettable bassline that pulls you in.


Over the groove, GREGBLU reminisces about a past relationship, revealing a failed attempt at being a better partner. It’s a refreshingly honest take on the complexities of modern relationships. With “SOBA,” GREGBLU proves to be a skilled producer, creating a soundscape that is both soulful and unique.

His genre falls within the realm of alternative hip-hop, and he handles every aspect of his music himself, including video editing. His talents extend far beyond music, as he is a skilled producer and videographer. As an upcoming artist, it’s exciting to think about where he’ll take his music.

GREGBLU’s 7-track project, “GREGS DEMO TAPE,” doesn’t conform to any specific structure. The lyrics are unpolished and don’t follow a clear theme. Instead, it’s a collection of synthesized sounds arranged in an unconventional order, resulting in a refreshing listening experience.

The album’s first track, “SOBA,” is accompanied by a music video that GREGBLU filmed and edited himself. The video showcases a world of contrasting themes, including alcoholism and resentment. The song itself features a bassline reminiscent of a racing game menu, with GREGBLU reflecting on a past relationship where he struggles to improve himself.

GREGBLU says he made the album over a span of three to four months, producing, writing, and mixing everything in his humble tin room. The project showcases his organic, fun approach to music and highlights his producing abilities and unique musical ideas.

“GREGS DEMO TAPE” is an exciting glimpse into the creative infancy of GREGBLU, an upcoming artist with a shot at making a name for himself in mainstream alternative hip-hop.

Watch the video below for Soba:


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