Grids & Dots deliver summery brilliance on their new single ‘The Great Divide’

Reverb revellers Grids & Dots have followed their debut single with a radiant sojourn to pull you right out of winter.

Spring has nearly sprung here in Sydney. Jasmine is perfuming the air and a lot of skin is on display at Camperdown Park. In a divine moment of pathetic fallacy, local trio Grids & Dots have unveiled their warm and welcome sophomore single. The Great Divide speaks to a change of season in a relationship and the resulting freedom that comes with moving on.

Right where their infectious debut Never Change left off, The Great Divide is a memorable and uplifting track with the perfect portion of familiarity.

grids and dots the great divide

The Great Divide does just the opposite in its seemingly cursive and sweeping ability to unite. As the melodic noise project of creatives who know their gear, a sweet spot is hit with their reverb-delay-reverb combinations through this track. Buoyant and bright, synth and guitar maintain a reflective play-off, mirrored by the masculine and feminine harmonies that echo throughout. This almost appears to mirror the internal and external dialogues of a relationship coming to its nostalgic close.

One major upgrade from their dreamy debut is the inclusion of this “female callback.” Delivered with a gentle airiness, Carmen Minikus balances lead singer Daniel Handaru’s tone. Minikus explains this effect:

“(This callback effect) potentially is a bit like the Pixies, Slowdive, or Fleetwood Mac. That’s something I have always wanted to do and explore in a band.”


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‘The Great Divide’ is out today on all music platforms! 🌻 It’s been a wild 6 months to make this song happen, but it wouldn’t be possible without our incredible team. Huge thanks to all the talented musicians for being part of this song: @joshspolc , @annariots , and Gray Thomas. Thanks to @wayneconnollyproduction for recording and mixing this at @herculesstreetstudios and @gregcalbi from @sterlingsound for the beautiful mastering Job. 🎥Music video can also be found on YouTube💕thanks to @p.p.matereke and @booo_urns from @treasonflowers, @b.ling_film, @teagan149 and @datubdp from @oakvillefilms . Featuring @pat.tato @hanminikus_photos and @mini.minibus ✨ Single cover art by Carmen and Dan.

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The partnership between visual designers Minikus and Handaru saw the weight of songwriting shared throughout this project. This new change to their usual craftsmanship resulted in the undeniable sense of amalgamation present in the track itself.

“Usually one of us brings the skeleton of a song to the other while the other adds the colour (instrumentation and harmonies), but this time we were actually able to write lyrics and find the overall structure together,” Minikus points out.

Having also worked with producer Wayne Connelly (Boy & Bear, Babe Rainbow), a crisp finish seals the shoegaze essence with an overall sense of that summer feeling: something better felt than spoken.

Experience it all in the band’s official video below: