Grizzlyshark drop outrageous new clip for Shake Up the Wake Up

Brisbane-based punk outfit Grizzlyshark have just released an eye-popping new music video for their track, Shake Up the Wake Up. The track and music video are less than two minutes in length, but if you’re looking for a high-octane, energy-filled music video, check it out.

Grizzlyshark formed in 2017 and released their debut two-track EP, Restart last year. Their debut single from the EP, Game Over, is a juggernaut of a track that is sure to appeal to hardcore punk fans.

Grizzly Shark

Brisbane punk rockers Grizzlyshark have released a new hilarious but simultaneously spooky music video of their new track, Shake Up the Wake Up.

Shake Up the Wake Up offers a similar vibe of fast-paced and distorted guitar sounds that characterises Game Over. The video clip itself is bound to make you laugh and even get your heart racing a bit.

The music video starts off with the band members sitting on a living room couch, cheekily playing video games and eating pizza. And then things take a horrible turn for the worse, as they start to become haunted and followed by a ghost in the house.

The events of the music video blend in seamlessly with the song lyrics, with the lyrics preaching the importance of bouncing back when you are down against the dumps. In a literal sense, the lads are fighting for their lives against the ghost, but trying their level best to avoid the danger.

The track itself is a true head banger with a killer distorted guitar riff providing the song’s backbone. The band members seem to share vocal responsibilities throughout the track with the chorus highlighted by a catchy call and response between the band members.

Lyrically, “Is it almost over?” is juxtaposed with the resilience displayed in the line “We’re fighting back.” It’s fair to say, all of these characteristics would make the song a worthy member in your “g-up” playlist.

Check out the brilliant clip below: