How Powerful We Are, Going Under and more – Happy’s Weekend Reading

Spring and has sprung into life with a selection of great new books. Going Under is rare insight into the medical world, while Sand Talk explores global systems from an Indigenous perspective. Get a behind the scenes look at one of Australia’s most prominent activists, indulge in a fresh collection of short stories and embark on a bicycle journey, armed with great songs. Here are this weekend’s best.

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The Great Song Cycle, Going Under, Here Until August, Sand Talk and How Powerful We Are are five of the best new books for your weekend.

Going Under by Sonia Henry

Penned by a real doctor, Going Under is a fictional tale that is imbued with a rare authenticity.  The cauldron of the hospital is brought to life in the story of the Kitty Holliday, a trainee doctor. Find out more about this gripping tale at Allen & Unwin.

Going Under

The Great Song Cycle by Joanna Wallfisch

The great stretch of Pacific coastline between Portland and Los Angeles is no mean feat, even if you have a car. Imagine attempting it on a bike. Such was the adventure undertaken by Joanna Wallfisch on her solo concert tour in 2016. Get to know this unique road trip story via UWA Publishing.

The Great Song Cycle

Here Until August by Josephine Rowe

Internationally acclaimed Australian author, Josephine Rowe, unravels the fates of characters as they venture into the unknown. Notions of place and how it shapes us is explored in this compelling collection of short stories. Find out more at Black Inc.

Here Until August

Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World by Tyson Yunkporta

The central pillar of Sand Talk is Indigenous thinking. The eternal questions of memory, learning and communication are addressed in this philosophical text, offering up a completely original way to interpret a complicated world. More information is available at Text.

Sand Talk

How Powerful We Are by Sally Rugg

From the pen of one of the nation’s leading activists, How Powerful We Are lays out a blueprint for those who want to lead change in their communities. Practical concerns of strategy, media engagement and deeper reflections on dealing with criticism and harassment are addressed in this inspiring volume. Via Hachette.

How Powerful We Are