‘GTA V’ coming to PS5 and Xbox X/S soon, get ready for some 4K crime

It’s been about eight years since Grand Theft Auto V came out. But despite its age, the game is still going strong.

While we’re all still eagerly awaiting any news of GT A VI, Rockstar Games has just come out with the next best thing: putting GTA V on the PS5 and Xbox X/S. The developers revealed this in a recent blog  post detailing a mass update for several of their games including GTA Online, Red Dead Online, and of course, GTA V.

The enhancements, which will come to GTA Online as well as GTA V, are all set to be live on 11 November, 2021. Rockstar hasn’t announced anything specific at the moment, but more info is sure to follow up closer to the date.

Grand Theft Auto PS5

However, the main stars of the show were GTA Online and Red Dead Online. In celebration of the upcoming summer months in the northern hemisphere, the devs are keen to bring “some of the most frequently fan-requested additions to the game, along with a host of new items, quality of life updates, and much more”.

Look forward to a fresh lineup of slick-looking rides in GTA Online because “car culture is back on the streets in a big way”. And Rockstar means it. On top of a new underground car meet in the area, there will new features added to the local racing scene.

Feel free to design your dream vehicle too, as a heap of performance and customisation upgrades are zooming over to players as we speak. There are also new Stunt Race tracks as well as an expanded zone in Survival Mode. Hone your drifting and car-chasing skills now, so you can be ready to be the envy of the streets soon after this update drops.

Meanwhile in Red Dead Online, race courses have been the main focus. These new tracks span across various iconic locations at Gaptooth Breach, Annesburg, and Lagras. A diverse set of brand new missions will also be available, involving tasks ranging from simple intimidation to high-scale robberies.

The updates for both GTA Online and Red Dead Online will go live next week on 25 May, 2021.