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AudioThing and Hainbach team up to release Wires plugin

Meet Wires: a collaboration between AudioThing and Hainbach. It’s based on Soviet era hardware and promises to be a unique tool for sound design.

German composer and YouTuber Hainbach has teamed up with plugin creators AudioThing to release Wires. It’s based on Hainbach’s personal 1970s ‘Soviet Wire Recorder’, which is part of his vintage test equipment collection.

As Hainbach has discovered, test equipment that was built for the military can produce fantastic results in sound design. Wires is a fitting homage to his unit, including an echo section as well as an accurate emulation of a vintage speaker, microphone, and a bucketload of vintage noisy goodness.

Hainbach Wires

Hainbach’s Wire Recorder was a very difficult device to recreate, but in the end, the team has taken the digital version further than the original model. For example, the new plugin features extra delay time and reduced signal noise, which can’t be found on the original hardware.

If mechanical and electrical noise is your thing, Wires offers you a plethora of possibilities. You can dial in the sound of the motor found on the hardware, plus, if you want to get really weird, AudioThing has included a random preset generator, which offers quickfire and inspirational sonic possibilities.

You can find out more at the AudioThing website or watch Hainbach’s in-depth video below.