PREMIERE: Zeadala spins a sparkling reflection on vulnerability in her new single ‘Somewhere’

On her new single, Zeadala spins a poignant reflection on relationships and the challenges that come with bearing your soul to another person.

Honesty is one of the hardest things for us to master, particularly in a relationship. Baring your soul to another person is a level of vulnerability that takes some years to master. On her new EP’s leading single, Zeadala explores this very challenge through atmospheric dreamscapes.

Soft and soothing but packed with soul, Somewhere is a hopeful song for the heartbroken and the wounded, woven through years of agony and growth. Blended with lush choruses and melody that make your heart sing, this is a song that will have you pressing repeat for days.


Inherently a slow burner, Somewhere is a silky, detailed sojourn that doesn’t mince its words or waste any note. It’s what Zeadala does best, just turned up to eleven. Breathtaking choruses, deeply nuanced lyricism, and a lullaby for anyone feeling unheard.

To go along with this stunning single, Zeadala has just released a music video that capture’s Somewhere‘s essence to a tee. Pairing her melody against the captivating Australian landscape, the songwriter has delivered a daydream wrapped in natural bliss. It is lush, ethereal, and leaves you feeling richer just for being in its presence.

“Somewhere is an atmospheric acoustic song about breaking down boundaries towards love through authenticity,” the artist’s bio reads. “Moving beyond masks to connect to the one that is courageous in love and loving.”

Dive into the soothing bliss of Zeadala’s latest release below: