Seize the day with the collaborative groove-setter Hall of Fame

The dynamic and deliciously groovy cross-continental kinship of Watermelon Boy, BRYAN THE MENSAH, and Jones 2.0

“Hall of Fame” is a joyous tropicana-flavoured groove setter that weaves together the tropical magic of Watermelon Boy, the melodic mastery of BRYAN THE MENSAH, and the glittery intrigue of Jones 2.0, resulting in an instant hit that puts you into a trance from the very first note.

The collaboration between these three emerging artists, spanning three continents, serves as a testament to the power of global musical connections.


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The track opens with the delicate interplay of tuned percussion and lo-fi guitar, setting the stage for the lush vocal arrangement that follows. BRYAN THE MENSAH’s melodious rap effortlessly merges with Jones 2.0’s smooth London bars, creating a captivating dynamic that carries the song’s message of celebration and triumph.

“Hall of Fame” is more than just a catchy tune; it’s a dedication to the richness of life’s experiences, from savouring achievements to cherishing moments spent with loved ones.

Watermelon Boy, known for his laid-back sunbathing grooves and spacey vibes, teams up with the trap-influenced pop sensation BRYAN THE MENSAH and the London-born resilient songwriter Jones 2.0. The trio’s collective energy and synergy result in a track that is tailor-made for summer playlists, inviting listeners to bask in its warm embrace.

The production of “Hall of Fame” showcases precision and creativity, seamlessly blending complex reverbs, echoes, and synth sparks with the stunning melodic musings of the guitars. This intricate sonic tapestry provides a balanced yet catchy backdrop that continuously reveals new textures upon every listen.

Watermelon Boy, Jones 2.0 & BRYAN THE MENSAH

As the song’s melodies sweep you into a world of intoxicating rhythms, it encourages you to embrace life without regrets and seize every opportunity to live your best life. It’s a call to create your own hall of fame through the moments you share, the connections you forge, and the memories you make.

“Hall of Fame” asserts itself as an anthem of positivity and celebration, destined to resonate with audiences worldwide. As Watermelon Boy, BRYAN THE MENSAH, and Jones 2.0 come together across continents, they craft a musical masterpiece that exemplifies the transformative power of collaboration and creative synergy.

Listen to Hall of Fame, and ask yourself, what moments will you have pinned up on your walls?