The ultimate hangover cure has been determined by scientists

Scientists at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai have determined what they believe to be the ultimate hangover cure.

The study, led by researcher Dr Shraddha Srinivasan, uncovered the food and beverage items best poised to increase the enzymes involved in breaking down alcohol in the body. According to the study, a beverage blend of coconut water, lime and pear juice can facilitate the process of hangover recovery, effectively boosting the alcohol breakdown enzymes by 70%. 

While the green juice is a far cry from the traditional go-to cure of a Big Mac (which undoubtedly fixes everything), the study does suggest a meal to accompany the lime beverage. Srinivasan found that the juice is extra effective when paired with a side plate of cheese, cucumber and tomato, all items which likewise alleviate hangover symptoms given their enzyme-boosting qualities.   

Hangover cure
Credit: Inspired Taste; The Comfort of Cooking

In addition to determining the hangover cure meal (which doesn’t sound all that tasty on a stomach of last night’s whisky) the study elsewhere identifies which tactics to avoid the morning after. The method of drinking more alcohol was found to further dehydrate the body, while the consumption of spices like cinnamon and pepper could decrease enzyme activity. Dr Srinivasan also found that exercising while hungover (which should be a crime), could place further stress on the body with the loss of fluids — a major catastrophe for anyone with the bright idea of going for a 5k on Sunday morning. 

Along with the occurrence of unpleasantness [hangovers present] the risk of health issues that might impact everyday functioning,” Dr Srinivasan said of the findings. “A beverage made from a blend of sweet lime, pear, and coconut water could be used to overcome a hangover. The consumption of this beverage with cheese, cucumber, and tomatoes may further alleviate the hangover symptoms.”  

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The study flies in the face of a hangover cure suggested by Ozzy Osbourne, who offered some sage advice as a health columnist in the British Sunday Times last year. Over the years, I developed a fail-safe cure,” the rockstar informed readers, “Basically, I’d mix four tablespoons of brandy with four tablespoons of port, throw in some milk, a few egg yolks, and — if I was in a festive mood — some nutmeg.