Happy listening: 5 new releases you need to hear

Happy listening: 5 new releases you need to hear

In need of some good listening this long weekend? Because we’re  absolutely swimming in hot new singles, EPs and albums from around Australia and abroad.

Here are five new releases you can’t miss.

city calm down sam wong new releases
Photo: Sam Wong

It’s the long weekend, which means there’s good listening ahead. Here are five brand new releases which caught our eye.


What did the world do to deserve a surprise album from Beyoncé? Recorded live at her headlining set at Beychella (Coachella 2018), the album is massive in every sense of the word.

With 40 tracks of live goodness, the album puts you right into the action and accompanies a Netflix concert film exclusive, HOMECOMING: A film by Beyoncé (which we strongly recommend watching for the full experience).

City Calm Down – Television

In a bopping rock tune similar to the works of T-Rex and The Smiths, City Calm Down have made a bold statement about the media industry and associated dangers of bias within.

This release is timely and thought-provoking with a catchy melody that begs you to listen in.

Tycho – Easy

American musician Scott Hansen AKA Tycho has released a new single titled Easy. The song is a kinetic instrumental piece, with minimal female vocals, a killer bass line and a wealth of different textures making it a truly cinematic experience.

It’s also the first track Tycho has released since his Grammy Award winning 2016 LP Epoch.

Lastlings – I’ve Got You

Australian sibling duo Lastlings are back with a big, big dance tune named I’ve Got You, exploring overcoming feelings of being out of place and looking after our loved ones.

Through atmospheric synths, electro-pop production and clever lyricism, this one is not to be missed.

Julia Jacklin – Comfort (Acoustic)

Adored Australian singer/songwriter Julia Jacklin has released a new acoustic video for her lullaby-like Comfort, filmed whilst touring with Swedish sisters First Aid Kit.

The song is from her sophomore album Crushing, a raw and heart wrenching album that stays with you long after you finish listening.